Changing the world, one stitch at a time

In a world of polluting fast fashion, we aim to be the change. 

Our Collection

At Echologisch we promote sustainable industries and production in harmony with our planetary resources and cycles. 

Who says being environmentally aware has to be bland? Our brands let you be part of the new paradigm in style. Clothes can be beautiful, elegant and also in tune with the environment. 

We design for the bigger picture, because it's your world, my world, our world. 

 Customers feel good about buying our products, knowing they are part of the movement towards a better future. 

We are driving the change towards a greener future with our  Xquisit casual- elegant clothing line. Stylish apparel designed and produced with minimum carbon emissions mean you can feel good about Xquisit. We back up our words with action by producing all our products with greatest of care, proceed by thorough research, followed up by constant monitoring and with 100 % sustainable guarantee. 

Our  collection is available  in selected boutiques and our online shop.

Feel good about what you wear. 


Our company Echologisch GmbH develops, manufacture and sells our house-brand Xquisit.

In our second branch, we offer a B2B solution for established textile companies/shops and start-ups, who wants to bring their own sustainable brand on the market. 

We possess valuable Know-How starting with the design-phase of the first prototype, throughout the production of fabrics, manufacturing and QA. 

We are strong in the key-functions of Supply Chain management and understand the importance of communicating the requirements to the supplier, motivating and enabling the supplier, and to verify that the supplier follows the requirements. 

Building close relationships with suppliers is important to overcome initial difficulties. We have developed a well-founded international network. 

Please contact us if your want to know more about our services in B2B. 

Email: dlatour(at)